Regional and Community Networking

AppFellows provides several networking events to foster connections and create a strong peer support network for fellows and hosts. 

Networking opportunities throughout the program include:

  • Organizational and Individual Projects - While supporting the collaborative work and projects of their host communities, fellows will also design a project focused on connecting sectors and/or communities that may provide an opportunity for collaboration across the region.
  • Orientation Tour and Community Mapping Project - Fellows participate in a learning tour of Central Appalachia at the beginning of the fellowship to get a better understanding of the opportunities, barriers, and work happening throughout the region. The orientation concludes with each fellow participating in a community mapping project of their host community.  
  • Monthly Skill Workshops - The program's monthly 1-day workshops bring fellows together for intensive training by AppFellows management staff and influential leaders throughout the region. 
  • Regional Gatherings - Fellows and hosts will come together quarterly with allies throughout the region for peer-learning and participatory-based trainings that will increase regional sharing and partnerships. 
  • Connectivity Assessment - Hosts will determine what connections they'd like to make or strengthen to foster collaboration across sectors within the region. Exposure to varying organizations in different sectors increases the ability for host organizations and fellows to expand their networks and deepen the impact of their work. 
  • Mentorship - Fellows will have an assigned mentor from one of their host organizations. These mentors will check in with the fellows weekly throughout the year.