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The Highlander Center’s Appalachian Transition Fellowship program invites people, groups, and communities throughout Central Appalachia to join us at our upcoming regional gathering, “Sharing our Stories”, August 16-17 in Abingdon, VA. The gathering will center participants’ stories and experiences living and working in Appalachia, examining the great work being done to reclaim and shape our own narratives, while collectivizing our history and the many innovative contributions to movement happening across the region.

The gathering will also feature several exciting folks doing powerful work in Appalachia. William Isom, a community organizer and oral history documentarian, will be leading a participatory discussion on the importance of securing the stories of the mountain South with a particular focus on the Black narrative in Appalachia. Participants will also learn how to use narrative storytelling templates to effectively and ethically share community stories. In addition members of Southern Appalachian Mountain Stewards and LiKEN will be sharing the historical and current work of the Appalachian Land Ownership Study. Finally, Joe Tolbert, an experienced cultural organizer and popular educator, will be helping to facilitate the gathering.

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The AppFellows program supports emerging leaders in the region with a year-long, full-time fellowship in host communities and organizations throughout Central Appalachia working to advance our economies toward more just, sustainable, community-led solutions. The program boosts capacity, connectivity, and collaboration across sectors, across communities, and across the region. For more information, email or visit

Please see the agenda at the bottom of this page for more information!


Sharing Our STories

Abingdon, VA / SW Virginia 4h Educational Center


For folks who aren't an AppFellow or AppFellows host community you will need to make your own lodging arrangements at the Southwest Virginia 4H Educational Center at: 25236 Hillman Highway, Abingdon VA 24210 by calling 276-676-6180. Rooms range from $20 to $53 per night. There are also hotels nearby.

Rooms are available for ~$100 a night at the Country Inn at 940 E Main St, Abingdon, VA 24210 - Phone #: (276) 676-2829

Rooms are available for ~$60 a night at Red Roof Inn at 887 Empire Dr SW, Abingdon, VA 24210 - Phone #: (276) 628-7131


Breakfast and lunch on Wednesday August 16th and breakfast on Thursday August 17th will be covered.

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For AppFellows and AppFellows host communities only: Please indicate if you will need lodging at the event site on either August 15 and/or 16. Lodging is paid for all AppFellows and any interested AppFellow host community members.

Agenda for

"Sharing Our Stories":

AppFellows August Regional Gathering